5 Best Adventure Motorcycle Helmets

Adventure helmets are usually a combination of the features of on-road and off-road helmets. This makes these helmets very versatile and durable. These helmet types are suitable for several riding situations. Usually, some people might not tell the difference between an adventure helmet, off-road, and on-road helmets. However, when you want to purchase a helmet for your next adventure, here are the things you should look out for.

What makes a good Adventure Helmet?

Fit and Comfort: Here is the most important feature. Since you would be using the helmet for a long time, you should ensure that you are comfortable in the helmet whenever you have it on. Before purchasing, you should test for this by fastening the helmet on your head, and try moving your head in different directions. Your head must move with the helmet. Also, the helmet should not be too tight or loose.

Construction: Your helmet must be constructed to withstand impact should an accident happen. Also, some materials are heavier than others, so you should be careful when selecting a helmet. If possible, helmets made from fibres are more advisable.

Adaptability: This is not a necessary feature, but it is an advantage if your adventure helmet can be converted for other purposes such as; standard road riding, and off-road riding. There are helmets available that support these.

Fastening: Your helmet would have either D-rings fastener or a double D-ring. Most motorcycle owners prefer the double D-ring because it is easier to adjust, but it takes longer to fasten and remove. There are quick release systems that you can also use.

Fog Protection: It is standard for different visors to have anti-fog coating inside, but this is not usually enough to counter the fog. The helmet should have a Pinlock, which is the easiest way to ensure that your helmet is fog free.

Proper ventilation: All helmet should have ventilation, but it is important to have proper and adjustable ventilation. Adjustable ventilation makes it easier to use your helmet in different weather and temperature.

Klim Krios

This black-colored adventure helmet is popularly known as Krios, and it is made by popular company; Klim. Klim is an innovative brand, and they have been producing off-road gear for decades. So you can trust this helmet to deliver. The good name of the company speaks volumes. The Krios has a large port, for a better vision of the scenery when you are riding.

For those that have oval-to-medium sized heads, this helmet would be a perfect fit. Also, it is very light, so you would not be easily fatigued when you are going on long distance journeys. There are vents around the chin and forehead for adequate ventilation. Available on Amazon.


  • Lighter than most models available.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Large port for better vision.
  • Available in different sizes and only one color.
  • Fits perfectly.
  • Made by a popular company.

Shoei Hornet X2

If you are familiar with motorcycles, you should know the Arai XD4. This is the direct competition that they have. Though both products are similar, but this Shoei Hornet has a more appealing modern look that draws the attention of people more to it. If you have ever used the RF series helmet, you would easily fall in love with this helmet.

This top-grade helmet has decent ventilation, and it also features recessed pockets for communication. The visor has an aerodynamic design, and this would stop your head from popping when wind gets under it. This is one of the best products on our list. You can make your purchase on Amazon.


  • Appealing modern look.
  • Easy to use and remove.
  • Pockets for communication.
  • Aerodynamic visor
  • It is made from durable materials.
  • Available on Amazon

Arai XD4

This is an original ADV styled helmet. It is produced by Arai, and it has been under wraps for a long time before it was finally released. This is the latest version, and it has improved features like the peel-away cheek pad layers that helps keep the helmet custom-fitted to your head shape and size. Though it is more expensive than other models, but the features you get from using this model is unique to only it.

The Arai XD4 would guarantee your safety and comfort while riding, and it would also protect you effectively should an accident happen. This model has large vents for proper ventilation, and it has a traditional color. It is designed for riders with an oval-shaped head, and it is very comfortable. This is the most comfortable and quiet helmet you can get on Amazon.


  • It is very comfortable.
  • Quite expensive.
  • It has proper ventilation.
  • Padded layers for custom fitting.
  • Keeps your head and face safe should an accident happen.
  • Traditional look and feel.

Suomy MX Tourer

Suomy is a very popular company in the motorcycle world. They now offer adventure helmets that are as comfortable as the regular Suomy helmet. They are the lightest on the list, and they weigh 2.7 pounds. The protection that this helmet offers is top-shelf, it has a tricarboco designed carbon-kevlar shell for proper protection.

The integrated sun shield drop-down visor is a feature that makes the helmet look pretty cool. This helmet is pocket-friendly, and really cheaper than other models. If you are a lover of pointed helmets, then you would get a good deal with this helmet, because it is common in the street riding community where pointed helmets are popular. It is available on Amazon.


  • It has a pointed design.
  • Pocket-friendly.
  • Excellent reputation.
  • This is a top-ranking helmet.
  • Strong Kevlar shell.
  • Lightweight.

Scorpion EXO AT950

This is the only model available on the market that possess its features. This is a modular ADV helmet, and it is a leading adventure helmet. It has a price of $300 on Amazon, and if the features are considered, this is a good bargain. It is lightweight, and it also features a removable liner.

Thus model has enough vent for proper ventilation, a flip-down visor to protect your eyes from the sun, and it is very easy and comfortable to use. It also helps cancel out the noise when you are riding, so you would focus only on the road.


  • Easy to use.
  • It is very comfortable.
  • Top adventure helmet.
  • Noise-cancellation feature.
  • Proper ventilation.
  • Visor to protect your eyes from the sun.

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