5 Best Motorcycle helmets under $200

Usually, people believe that before they can get a good helmet, they would need $200 and above. This is not entirely true. There are a great motorcycle helmet that you can buy below $200. Though buying a helmet above $200 would guarantee better quality, but the price of helmets should not deter you from buying a helmet for your motorcycle to look stylish and also protect yourself should an accident happen.

If you have set your budget for $200, you can get a good bargain for a quality and durable helmet. Any helmet you purchase below your budget should have DOT certification, and this should guarantee you of the safety that this product can provide for you should an accident happen. Most of the helmet brands available for this price range usually have top-notch construction and are very stylish.

Before you purchase any helmet, here are some things that you should know.

Head size and shape: You should know your head size and shape, so you would not start speculating when you are ready to buy. Also, buying the wrong size of helmet could be frustrating, especially if the company has a no-return policy. This is why you must know your size before attempting a purchase.

Retention: Should an accident happen, only helmets that would protect you till the accident is over should be purchased. There are helmets that do not fit perfectly, and might roll off your head should an accident happen.

Visor: The visor of the helmet you buy must be clear, whether you buy a smoked or tinted lens, you just have to ensure that it is very clear. A clear vision is more important than style when you are buying a helmet.

To make your job easier, we have compiled a list of the best motorcycle helmet you can purchase below $200.

Bell Qualifier Full-Face Helmet

If you prefer a full-face helmet, this Bell Qualifier is a great choice for you. This popular helmet has DOT certification and has been optimized to ensure that you get the best form the helmet at a reasonable price. This helmet is really light, and that is because it is made from polycarbonate composite shell which helps protect you better from impact.

You would always be comfortable wearing this helmet, and it includes and EPS lining that would help fit your head shape. It has padding that helps improves comfort and is removable for easy cleaning. It has a great ventilation system for better airflow. Other features include; pockets for your speakers, wind collar, and a quick-release shield system. You can buy it from Amazon.


  • It has a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty.
  • It meets up with DOT standards.
  • Very comfortable.
  • Removable linen to ensure the inside remains fresh.
  • Lightweight.
  • Quick-release shield system.

ILM Bluetooth Integrated Modular Motorcycle Helmet

If you want top-quality, you should go for this product. This model of ILM helmet supports Bluetooth devices with its V3.0 tech that allows you to listen to music, radio, your GPS guide, and other riders. This stylish helmet is both full and half-faced, the choice is up to you. The double visor also ensures the versatile helmet can protect your face when the sun scorches.

Customers have heaped praises on this helmet because it fits perfectly, neither too tight nor too snuggly. The quick-release ensures you can remove your helmet easily, this unique helmet blends comfort, safety, and style in one product. It would also ensure you are entertained through the journey because of its Bluetooth system. You can get yours from Amazon.


  • Proper ventilation.
  • High-quality speakers.
  • Intercom for communication with other riders.
  • Machine-washable liner.
  • Meets all DOT requirements.
  • Improved Bluetooth technology.

Bell Pit Boss Open-faced Motorcycle Helmet

This is the most affordable helmet on the list. It is an open-faced helmet with simple designs, and would keep your head and face well protected should an accident happen. The tri-matrix composite shell of this helmet provides extra and top-notch protection. The shell consists of; carbon, Kevlar, and fiberglass. This lightweight helmet would not weigh your head down while riding, which helps reduce fatigue and keeps you comfortable.

The adjustable fit system ensures the helmet fits your head size and shape perfectly. This would prevent your helmet from moving or slipping when you have it on. For riding in cold weather, you can also get this helmet because it would keep you warm using its neck curtain. It also has an audio enhancement. Available on Amazon.


  • Adjustable neck curtain.
  • Internal sunshade for protection.
  • It has a manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Three-shell design.
  • Inner liner for extra comfort.
  • Custom-fit adjustable system.

HJC CL-17 Full-faced Motorcycle Helmet

If you have been looking for an affordable helmet upgrade, this is the best you can get on the market. The round, oval fit helmet has successfully passed rigorous tests to ensure that you have the best racing experience. This helmet made it to the list because of its extra comfort and safety. The ventilation system ensures that cool hair is always available when you have the helmet on.

The anti-scratch shield protects your eyes from the sun, and it has a pin-lock mechanism that ensures fog cannot cover the visor of your helmet. You can also switch the shields easily, and it features a removable cheek liner and anti-bacterial fabric. It is available on Amazon.


  • It meets DOT standards.
  • Comfortable and would fit your head perfectly.
  • Removable cheek pads and liner.
  • Shield-lock mechanism.
  • The face shield is scratch-resistant.
  • It is made from a durable polycarbonate shell.

LS2 Helmets Rebellion Unisex-adult Half Helmet

This is a unisex motorcycle helmet, and you can purchase this for your female rider friends or for yourself. It has a stylish shell that is constructed to give a top-grade performance, and it is very light because of the Kinetic Polymer Alloy used in making it.

The flow-through ventilation system helps circulate air when you have the helmet on. If you are riding in the sun, there is a drop-down shade that you can use to block out the sun rays, you can drop the shades fully or stop halfway. You can make your purchase on Amazon.


  • This is a unisex helmet.
  • Adjustable sun shades.
  • Supports Bluetooth for better communication.
  • Machine-washable liner.
  • Proper ventilation system.
  • Lightweight.

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